Good News: 70000 New Jobs for Young Citizens of Punjab through the “Maryam Ki Dastak App”

n a groundbreaking move aimed at revolutionizing citizen services, the Punjab government under the visionary leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has introduced the “Maryam Ki Dastak App.” This innovative mobile application is poised to transform the landscape of governance in Punjab, particularly for its youthful population.

Streamlining Access to Vital Government Services

The “Maryam Ki Dastak App” stands as a beacon of hope for Punjab’s residents, offering a streamlined approach to accessing critical government services. Gone are the days of enduring cumbersome bureaucratic processes, long queues, and inconsistent information. With this app, residents can now effortlessly obtain essential documents and complete necessary tasks from the comfort of their homes.

A Multitude of Services at Your Fingertips

This pioneering app caters to a wide array of needs, ranging from the issuance of domicile certificates to e-stamping services, and from birth and death certificates to marriage and divorce certificates. Furthermore, it facilitates vehicle registration and transfer processes along with enabling hassle-free tax payments. The comprehensive nature of services available through the “Maryam Ki Dastak App” ensures that residents no longer need to navigate multiple government offices or endure bureaucratic hurdles.

Embracing Efficiency, Transparency, and Job Creation

At the heart of the “Maryam Ki Dastak App” lies a commitment to efficiency and transparency. By implementing a commission-based system for government representatives, the app incentivizes prompt and efficient service delivery. Moreover, a built-in feedback and rating mechanism empowers citizens to hold representatives accountable, thereby upholding the highest standards of service quality.

Beyond streamlining services, this initiative is poised to combat the pervasive influence of the “Commission Agent Mafia,” which has long exploited citizens navigating bureaucratic complexities. By offering a direct and legitimate channel for accessing government services, the “Maryam Ki Dastak App” not only empowers citizens but also eliminates the need for intermediaries.

Paving the Way for Economic Empowerment

One of the most remarkable aspects of the “Maryam Ki Dastak App is its potential to catalyze economic empowerment. With the creation of an estimated 70,000 new jobs for the youth of Punjab, this initiative holds immense promise in fostering employment opportunities and driving economic growth. These commission-based roles not only offer meaningful employment but also signify a significant step towards fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and self-reliance among Punjab’s youth.

A Testament to Government’s Commitment to Public Service

The launch of the “Maryam Ki Dastak App” underscores the Punjab government’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the lives of its citizens. Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s emphasis on effective service delivery, coupled with her mention of other successful initiatives such as the Ramadan package and doorstep delivery of essential medicines, exemplifies the government’s steadfast commitment to public welfare. Through initiatives like these, the government is not only addressing immediate needs but also laying the groundwork for a prosperous future for Punjab.


In conclusion, the Maryam Ki Dastak App” heralds a new era of citizen-centric governance in Punjab. By offering convenience, efficiency, transparency, and job creation, this transformative app has the power to redefine how residents interact with the government. As Punjab embraces innovation and progress, the “Maryam Ki Dastak App” stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to ushering in a brighter tomorrow for its people.


What services does the “Maryam Ki Dastak” offer?
The app provides a wide range of services, including issuing domicile certificates, e-stamping, birth and death certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, vehicle registration and transfer, and tax payments.

Who will visit my house for the services?
Commission-based representatives will handle your requests, ensuring efficient and accountable service delivery.

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