PM Shehbaz Announces Solar-Powered Tube Well Package for Balochistan Farmers

PM Shehbaz Announces Solar-Powered Tube Well Package for Balochistan Farmers

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, along with Federal Minister, Governor Balochistan, Chief Minister Balochistan, and members of the provincial cabinet, witnessed the signing of an agreement between the federal and provincial governments regarding the solarization of tube wells.

Solarization Initiative for Tube Wells

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif announced that 28,000 tube wells in Balochistan will be solarized to provide farmers with cheap electricity, supported by both the federal and provincial governments. To learn more about government initiatives, visit the Benazir Income Support Program 8171 Check Account Balance.

Arrival and Reception in Quetta

The premier arrived at Quetta airport for a one-day visit, where he was received by Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti and Balochistan Governor Jaffar Khan Mandokhail. The agreement on the initiative was signed in the presence of the prime minister, chief minister, governor, and a group of federal ministers. For details on new registration methods, check the New Registration Method 2024.

Cost and Implementation

PM Shehbaz stated that the program would cost Rs55 billion, with the federal government covering 70% of the cost. “We expect implementation in three months,” he told the cabinet, expressing confidence in CM Bugti. For youth-related programs, visit the PM Laptop Scheme for Youth.

Current Challenges and Solutions

He explained that the 28,000 tube wells in the province were connected to the power grid but only active for short intervals, affecting farmers. “These tube wells in Balochistan should be running all day, but they only run for several hours because people don’t pay their bills. The federal government shoulders that burden,” he lamented. For educational support programs, see Benazir Taleemi Wazifa.

Solar-Powered Tube Well Package

Financial Impact and Subsidies

Shehbaz highlighted the state’s revenue loss between Rs70bn and Rs80bn and the Rs500bn paid to cover costs due to non-payment of bills, which he termed as a “subsidy” that could have been invested in provincial development. For guidance on government registration programs, check the Complete Guidance About Registering for Roshan Gharana Program.

Solarization Strategy

“We will cut the electrical connection to tube wells and make them solar,” the premier reiterated. Farmers will benefit from cheap electricity, and the loss from non-payment will be mitigated. The prime minister emphasized CM Bugti’s commitment to implementing the program in three months, recognizing the effort required.

Potential Impact

PM Shehbaz hailed the project as revolutionary, promising deep-rooted structural change. “The Kissan Programme will provide much cheaper electricity, and we will work with all provinces,” he added. For further details on applying for youth programs, see the Method to Apply for Prime Minister Youth Laptop Program.

Transition to Solar Power

The prime minister noted that there are still one million tube wells nationwide operating on oil, costing $3.5bn in imports. The next phase will transition these tube wells away from oil, described as “a quantum leap in the national interest.” For information on the third installment released of Rs9000, visit Third Installment Released of 9000.

Importance of Balochistan

“Balochistan is an important province of Pakistan with beautiful people, be they Baloch, Pakhtun, or settlers,” he said. He highlighted Punjab’s significant contribution to Balochistan in the 2010 National Finance Commission award. CM Bugti briefed PM Shehbaz on ongoing development projects and the state of provincial administration and law and order.

Security Measures

PM Shehbaz emphasized the need for effective security and action against terrorism within the provinces, referencing discussions during his recent visit to China. “If you want prosperity in the provinces, then security is our number one requirement,” he stated. He noted Punjab’s substantial contributions to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s counterterrorism efforts and Balochistan’s since 2010.

Gwadar Development

PM Shehbaz mentioned Gwadar’s potential as a major global port, highlighting projects like the Safe City Project, and investments by China in infrastructure. “Our enemies who attack these installations are enemies of CPEC, Pak-China friendship, and Pakistan and Balochistan’s progress,” he declared, emphasizing cooperation between the province and the Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the solar-powered tube well package? The package aims to solarize 28,000 tube wells in Balochistan to provide cheap electricity to farmers.

2. Who will bear the cost of the solarization program? The federal government will cover 70% of the Rs55 billion cost.

3. How long will the implementation take? The implementation is expected to be completed in three months.

4. What are the current challenges with tube wells in Balochistan? Tube wells are connected to the power grid but only run for short intervals due to non-payment of bills.

5. How will the program benefit farmers? Farmers will receive cheap electricity for their tube wells, reducing the financial burden and improving agricultural productivity.

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