Restart the Laptop SchemeRestart the Laptop Scheme

CM Punjab Decision to Restart the Laptop Scheme

 Punjab Laptop Scheme Revival

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has announced the revival of the Laptop Scheme, bringing joy to students across the province. This article explores the details of this decision and its implications for educational advancement in Punjab.

Overview of Punjab Laptop Scheme

Historical Context and Significance

The Punjab Laptop Scheme was originally launched to provide students with access to modern technology, fostering educational development and digital literacy.

Announcement of Scheme Restart

After a hiatus of seven years, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has reintroduced the scheme, emphasizing its role in supporting educational efforts across Punjab.

Key Points of the Punjab Laptop Scheme

Revival of Laptops and iPads Distribution

The primary objective of restarting the scheme is to empower students by providing them with the latest laptops and iPads, enhancing their learning capabilities.

Establishment of New Educational Institutions

In addition to the technology initiative, the Chief Minister approved the establishment of new universities and colleges in underdeveloped districts of Punjab, aiming to improve educational infrastructure.

Restart the Laptop Scheme
Restart the Laptop Scheme

Current Enrollment Statistics

As of now, Punjab hosts approximately 650,000 students enrolled in both private and public universities, demonstrating a significant student population benefiting from these initiatives.

Eligibility Criteria and Implementation

Attendees of the Decision-Making Meeting

The decision to restart the Laptop Scheme was made during a meeting attended by senior officials, including the Provincial Minister of Education, Information Minister, Chief Secretary, and Secretary of Higher Education.

Purpose of Scheme Restart

The primary goal is to expand educational opportunities for all students, focusing on bridging the digital divide and promoting equality in education.


1. Who is eligible to receive laptops under the Punjab Laptop Scheme

Eligibility criteria will be set by the government, likely based on academic performance and financial need. Details will be released soon.

2. When will the distribution of laptops begin?

The timeline for distribution will be announced following the finalization of eligibility criteria and logistical arrangements.

3. How many laptops are expected to be distributed initially?

The exact number of laptops and iPads to be distributed has not been disclosed yet but will align with the student population and budgetary allocations.

4. Are there any fees associated with receiving a laptop through the scheme?

No, the laptops provided under the scheme are distributed free of charge to eligible students.

5. How can students stay updated on the progress of the Laptop Scheme?

Students and stakeholders can follow official announcements from the Punjab government and educational departments for the latest updates on the scheme.


Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s decision to restart the Punjab Laptop Scheme reflects a commitment to enhancing educational opportunities and technological access for students in Punjab. By reintroducing this initiative, the government aims to equip students with essential tools for success in the digital era. Stay tuned for further developments as the scheme progresses.

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