How to Get Credit with Punjab Kisan Card by CM Maryam Nawaz 2024

CM Maryam Nawaz has introduced a beneficial initiative for all Turkish farmers to ensure their economic success. Farmers can get a loan of up to 1.5 lakhs without interest through the Kisan Card, simplifying the process without any labor or hassle. This interest-free loan is offered for six months, repayable after the harvest.

Register for a Kisan Card through SMS

The Pakistani government has made it easy for farmers to register for a Kisan Card via SMS. Simply activate the SMS service on your phone, enter your ID card number without spaces, and send it to 8070 using a valid SIM card. You will receive confirmation and soon get your Kisan Card. This simple registration method is a significant step toward promoting rural development.

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Benefits of Kisan Card

  • Interest-Free Loans: Farmers can receive up to 1.5 lakhs without interest for six months.
  • Timely Agricultural Inputs: Enables farmers to obtain fertilizers and other essential materials on time.
  • Tax-Free Purchases: Farmers can access agricultural needs without paying taxes.
  • Cost-Effective Supplies: Provides fertilizers and other materials at lower costs.
  • Improved Crop Yield: Helps in timely application of chemicals and other inputs to crops.

Eligible Criteria to Get a Kisan Card

To qualify for the Kisan Card, farmers must meet the following criteria:

  • Own land between 1 to 12 acres.
  • Not be employed by the government.
  • Have a bank balance of less than one lakh rupees.
  • Be actively engaged in farming the land themselves.
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CM Maryam Nawaz’s Kisan Card initiative aims to provide substantial benefits to farmers, enhancing agricultural productivity. This initiative is designed to support farmers by offering interest-free loans and timely access to agricultural inputs. By following the simple registration process, eligible farmers can easily obtain their Kisan Card and enjoy these benefits.


Which farmers can apply for the Punjab Kisan Card?

To apply for the Punjab Kisan Card, activate SMS on your mobile device and send your ID card number (without spaces) to 8070. You will receive a confirmation and soon get your Kisan Card.

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What are the benefits of the Kisan Card?

The Kisan Card provides farmers with no-interest loans up to 1.5 lakhs, access to low-cost fertilizers and agricultural commodities, and ensures they meet their crop demands on time.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Kisan Card?

Eligible farmers must own land (1 to 12 acres), not have a government job, maintain a bank account with less than one lakh rupees, and be actively involved in farming the land themselves.

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