Punjab Government Launched Loan For Green tractor Scheme For Farmers

The Punjab government has announced the launch of the “Green Tractor Scheme” for the Budget 2024-25. This initiative supports farmers by offering small, medium, and large tractors at subsidized rates, aiming to enhance agricultural mechanization in Punjab and ensure high-quality standards for all provided tractors.

Key Features of the Green Tractor Scheme

Boost Agricultural Mechanization: Encourages the adoption of modern farming techniques.

Provide High-Quality Tractors: Ensures access to reliable and efficient machinery at subsidized rates.

Support for All Farmers: Benefits small, medium, and large-scale farmers.

Details of the Tractor Scheme

Duration: The scheme will run for one year under the leadership of the Chief Minister of Punjab.

Tractors Distribution: A total of 10,000 tractors will be distributed in phases, ensuring timely and organized benefits to eligible farmers.

Payment Plan: Farmers will pay for the tractors on a monthly installment basis, making it easier to manage finances while benefiting from the scheme.

Budget and Financial Support

Budget Allocation: Over 75 billion PKR has been earmarked for the Green Tractor Scheme in the Kissan Friendly Package.

Interest-Free Loans: Farmers will have access to interest-free loans to facilitate the purchase of tractors.

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Punjab Government Launched Loan For Green tractor Scheme For Farmers

Additional Initiatives for Farmers

SMS 8070 Registration Kisan Card Scheme: Allows farmers to register and access various benefits such as subsidies and financial assistance using the Kisan Card.

Solarization of Agriculture: Promotes the use of solar energy in agriculture, announced by the Chief Minister.

Punjab Kisan Bank: Provides farmers with loans on favorable terms.

Oil Seed Promotion Program: Encourages farmers to grow oil-producing crops.

Benefits of the Green Tractor Scheme

Economic Assistance: Subsidized tractors and interest-free loans ease the financial burden on farmers.

Increased Productivity: Mechanization helps farmers improve efficiency and productivity in their agricultural practices.

Sustainable Agriculture: Promotes the use of modern, high-quality tractors, contributing to sustainable farming methods.

Application Process

Farmers can apply for the Green Tractor Scheme through the official government portal or local agricultural offices.

Understanding the Kisan Card

The Kisan Card is part of the SMS 8070 Registration Kisan Card Scheme, enabling farmers to access subsidies and other benefits easily.


The Punjab government’s Green Tractor Scheme is a significant step towards empowering farmers, boosting agricultural mechanization, and promoting sustainable farming practices. With substantial financial support and additional initiatives like the Kisan Card and Punjab Kisan Bank, farmers are well-equipped to improve productivity and manage their finances effectively

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