PM Youth Loan scheme 2023 online applyPM Youth Loan scheme 2023 online apply

PM Youth Loan Scheme

Assalam -o- Alaikum From our side, today we will tell you “PM Youth Loan scheme 2024 online apply, PM loan scheme helpline number, PM Youth Loan scheme Eligibility“. We will provide you with complete details in this post. HBL Internship program

PM Youth Loan Scheme 2024 Online Apply:

PM Youth Loan Scheme is a program for underprivileged youth who are capable of working but lack the funds to do so. As a result, the government offers them loans at a low 15 percent commercial markup through Islamic and SMSE banks, with flexible terms. New E-Rozgar Program

The Pakistani government has established criteria and conditions that must be met before it will grant a loan. Through the government’s official website, applications can be submitted online.

In addition to these loans, the government also provides laptop computers to educated youngsters. Joining the Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme should qualify every young person in Pakistan for a loan. This is open to all Pakistanis with national identity cards who are at least 21 years old and can do business.

The minimum age requirement should be 18 years old, and matriculation or an equivalent degree is required for employment in IT or e-commerce-related firms. Landlords must be over the legal drinking age.

Young people-owned small and medium-sized businesses, both new and established. Also qualified according to the age ranges listed above. The classification of farmers will be relevant in the context of agriculture according to the indicated SBP credit limit and the commodities that are eligible for Agriculture Financing 2024.

Yes, the PM Youth Loan Scheme, also known as the Prime Minister’s Youth Business and Agriculture Loan Scheme (PMYB&ALS), allows online registration for 2024. Here’s what you need to know:

PM Youth Loan Scheme

  • Official Website: The application process is entirely online through the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme website:
  • Application Form: Locate the application form on the website. It’s usually under “PMYB&ALS” or a similar heading.
  • Eligibility:
    • Age: Between 21 and 45 years old (18 years old for IT/E-commerce businesses).
    • Residency: Pakistani citizen and resident.
    • Entrepreneurial potential.
  • Loan Tiers: The scheme offers tiered loans with varying markups:
    • Tier 1 (up to 0.5 million PKR): 0% markup
    • Tier 2 (0.5 million PKR to 1.5 million PKR): 5% markup
    • Tier 3 (1.5 million PKR to 7.5 million PKR): 7% markup

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Required Documents for PM Youth loan scheme Registration:

The following scanned documents and images are required before you can begin your application.

  • A photo the size of a passport.
  • Back of a national ID card.
  • Front of the national identity card.
  • Newest degrees from universities Vasna: High School, Middle School, High School, Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D., etc. 
  • In the event of an existing firm, a letter of reference for the granting of a loan from the relevant Chamber, Trade Organisation, or Union. Experience Certificate if any.
  • If necessary, a licence or registration with a trade organisation or chamber.
  • You must have the following information before beginning the application.

PM Youth Loan Scheme Eligibility:

age range of 21 to 45, and be able to conduct business. For IT/E-COMME-related firms, the minimum age requirement is 18 years old, and a minimum of a Matriculation or comparable education is necessary. applicable to sole proprietors and qualified individuals over the legal age restriction. All Pakistani nationals with CNICs:

Only one of the owners, partnerships, or directors of any sort of business, including partnerships and corporations, must comply with the aforementioned age restriction.

PM Youth Loan scheme 2023 online apply

Focus on Women:

25% of the loans will go to women borrowers.

Equity ratio:

For Fresh Businesses:

  • T1 – 90:10.
  • T2 & 3 – 80: 20.

Objectives of PM Youth Loan Scheme:

The goal of the PM Youth Loan is to help young people become successful and stable so that they can prosper and contribute to Pakistan. Youth are provided loans through this program that have no interest. Zero percent interest is charged on loans up to 500 million rupees.

Loan Payment time :

For long-term development loans, tenors for T2 and T3 might go as high as eight years or as low as one year.

Working capital production loans and Muraba terms under T2 and T3 have a maximum 5-year term. Banks will be able to offer working capital productive loans with a five-year total repayment duration. During the first two years, only the markup is due, and the remaining two years, both principal and markup are paid back. There will be one year of it.

PM loan scheme helpline number

call center: 021-111 265 265 

Service: 24/7


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