3-Month Relief for Protected Consumers of Electricity

PM Shehbaz Announces 3-Month Relief for Protected Consumers of Electricity

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif announced a three-month relief period for lifeline consumers of electricity whose consumption remains below 200 units per month.

Government’s Relief Announcement

A statement from state broadcaster PTV News said, “The government will give a discount of Rs50 billion to the electricity lifeline consumers in July, August, and September. For three months, 25 million consumers of the country will benefit from the government’s relief.” For more details on government initiatives, visit the Benazir Income Support Program 8171 Check Account Balance.

Details of the Relief Package

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, PM Shehbaz said the package would provide relief of up to Rs7 per unit to around 25 million domestic consumers falling in the protected category for three months till September. “Today, an amount of Rs50 billion has been allocated to provide a relief of Rs 4-7 per unit as a concession to our protected category consumers using up to 200 units a month for a three-month period from July to September,” the prime minister said. For information on registration methods, check the New Registration Method 2024.

Fiscal Measures and Commitments

He said that the federal government had reallocated funds from its development budget to realize its commitment to public relief, contrary to the “hollow claims” of previous governments. Shehbaz also assured the public of further relief as the government achieved fiscal space by taxing the elite class, expanding the tax net, closing non-performing entities, and plugging financial leakages. To learn about educational support, visit the Benazir Taleemi Wazifa.

3-Month Relief for Protected Consumers of Electricity
3-Month Relief for Protected Consumers of Electricity

Previous Government Efforts and Current Measures

During its previous 16-month stint, the coalition government saved the country from default by prioritizing public relief. PM Shehbaz said the government was set to sign a three-year program with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and had also informed the IMF about the relief announced for domestic power consumers. For guidance on government programs, see the Complete Guidance About Registering for Roshan Gharana Program.

Solarization Initiative in Balochistan

He mentioned that the federal and Balochistan governments had agreed to solarize around 28,000 tube wells in the province to save Rs80-90 billion annually due to defaulting payments on power bills. “The same model will be launched in other provinces as around a million tube wells are being run on imported oil, impacting foreign exchange by $3.5 billion,” he stated. For youth programs, visit the PM Laptop Scheme for Youth.

New Taxes and Public Reaction

New taxes were imposed on the real estate sector in the annual budget to generate around Rs100 billion. Shehbaz acknowledged the justified protests of the salaried class regarding the tax burden. “The time has come for the elite class to pay back to the country,” he remarked, emphasizing the need for contributions from the elite to overcome financial challenges. For updates on government payments, see Third Installment Released of 9000.

Electricity Tariff Adjustments

Amid public outcry, the government decided to step back from the 51% increase in electricity rates for protected consumers that had been approved last week to meet an IMF requirement. PM Shehbaz instructed modifications to exempt protected consumers from the hike, with the resulting Rs50 billion revenue gap to be covered through subsidies and innovative tariff settings. For details on applying for government programs, see Method to Apply for Prime Minister Youth Laptop Program.

Future Plans and Structural Reforms

PM Shehbaz highlighted the need to exploit the immense potential in agriculture, information technology, mining, and mineral sectors. He stressed that eliminating loans and financial dependencies was crucial for the country’s prosperity. The prime minister also pointed out that the tariff hike was necessary for financial stability, but protecting the vulnerable population was a priority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the three-month relief package for electricity consumers? The package provides relief of up to Rs7 per unit for domestic consumers using up to 200 units of electricity per month from July to September.

2. How will the relief package be funded? The Rs50 billion relief package will be funded by reallocating funds from the federal government’s development budget.

3. Who will benefit from the relief package? Around 25 million domestic consumers, constituting 94% of the total consumer base, will benefit from the package.

4. What measures has the government taken to achieve fiscal space? The government has imposed new taxes on the elite class, expanded the tax net, closed non-performing entities, and plugged financial leakages.

5. What is the government’s plan for solarizing tube wells in Balochistan? The federal and Balochistan governments plan to solarize around 28,000 tube wells to save Rs80-90 billion annually due to defaulting payments on power bills.

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