The National Vocational and Technical Training Commission( NAVTTC) of Pakistan has been in the process of empowering  individualities with chops essential for the moment’s competitive job request. One of its  vital enterprises is the NAVTTC Skill Verification Programme, aimed at validating the proficiency of individualities in colorful vocational disciplines. In this comprehensive  companion, we’ll claw into the online registration process for the NAVTTC Skill Verification Program in 2024, furnishing step- by- step instructions, perceptivity, and  constantly asked questions to prop   aspirants in navigating the procedure seamlessly.

The NAVTTC Skill Verification Program serves as a foundation in bridging the gap between chops and employment openings. It offers individuals the chance to showcase their moxie in specific trades and gain nationally honored instruments, thereby enhancing their employability and contributing to profitable growth. The program covers a wide array of sectors, including but not limited to:  

  • Information Technology  
  • Construction  
  • Hospitality  
  • Healthcare  
  • Automotive  
  • Textile  

The NAVTTC Skill Verification Program offers a wide range of courses across colorful sectors, feeding to the different skill sets  needed in a moment’s job request. Some of the courses available for skill verification include:

NAVTTC Skill Verification Programme
NAVTTC Skill Verification Programme 

Information Technology   

  • Software Development  
  • Networking  
  • Cybersecurity  
  • Web Development  
  • Database Administration  


  • Carpentry  
  • Masonry  
  • Plumbing  
  • Electrical Installation  
  • Welding  


  • Culinary trades  
  • Hotel Management  
  • Food and Beverage Service  
  • Housekeeping  


  • Nursing Assistant  
  • Medical Laboratory Technology  
  • Pharmacy Technician  
  • Dental Assistant  


  • Auto Mechanics  
  • Auto Body Repair  
  • Automotive Electronics  
  • Diesel Engine conservation  


  • Textile Designing  
  • Garment Construction  
  • Textile Printing  
  • Textile Quality Control  

Table: NAVTTC Skill Verification Program Eligibility Criteria 

Eligibility CriteriaDescription
AgeApplicants must meet the minimum age requirement specified for the chosen skill verification course.
Educational QualificationsCandidates should possess the required educational qualifications, typically ranging from primary education to higher degrees depending on the course.
Relevant ExperienceSome skill verification programs may require candidates to have a certain level of experience in the respective field.
Identification ProofApplicants need to provide valid identification proof such as a national identity card or passport.
Registration FeePayment of the registration fee is mandatory for participating in the skill verification process.
NAVTTC Skill Verification Programme 

Online Registration Process for NAVTTC Skill Verification Program 2024  

Step 1 Visit the Official NAVTTC Website  

  • Begin by penetrating the sanctioned NAVTTC website, where you will find detailed information about the Skill Verification Program and its conditions. Read: Electric Vehicle an Interest-Free 

Step 2 Create an Account  

  • Still,  do to produce an account by furnishing essential details similar as your name, dispatch address, If you are a new stoner. For being druggies, simply log in using your credentials.   

Step 3 Select Desired Skill Verification  

  • Navigate to the section devoted to skill verification and choose the specific trade or skill you wish to be assessed for.   

Step 4 Fill in Personal Details  

  • Complete the registration form by entering your particular information, educational background, and applicable experience.   

Step 5 Upload Needed Documents  

  • Upload scrutinized clones of documents  similar to educational instruments, identification evidence, and any other applicable credentials.   

Step 6 Payment of Registration Fee  

  • Proceed to make the necessary payment for the enrollment figure through the available payment styles.   

Step 7 Confirmation and Scheduling  

  • Upon successful submission of the enrollment form and payment, you will admit an evidence dispatch along with details regarding the assessment schedule and venue.   

Step 8 Attend Assessment  

Final Thought  

The NAVTTC Skill Verification Program plays a vital part in empowering individualities with assiduity-applicable chops and instruments, thereby opening doors to a myriad of employment openings. By embracing this action and witnessing the online enrollment  process,  individuals can enhance their professional credentials and contribute to the socio- profitable development of Pakistan.   


Q1 Is there a specific eligibility criteria for applying to the NAVTTC Skill Verification Program?   

Yes, aspirants must meet certain eligibility criteria, including age conditions, educational qualifications, and applicable experience in their chosen trade.   

Q2 Can I apply for multiple skill verifications contemporaneously?   

Yes,  aspirants have the inflexibility to apply for multiple skill verifications grounded on their moxie and interests.   

Q3 How long does it take to admit the  instrument after completing the assessment?   

The instrument process generally takes a many weeks post-assessment, during which the results are estimated, and instruments are issued to successful campaigners.   

Q4 Are there any introductory coffers available to help aspirants exceed in the assessment?   

Yes, NAVTTC provides introductory accouterments and coffers to help aspirants in preparing for the assessment, including sample questions, study attendants, and practice tests. Read: Government to Financing Scheme 

Q5 Is there a validity period for the NAVTTC skill verification instruments?   

Yes, NAVTTC skill verification instruments are generally valid for a certain duration, after which individualities may need to  sufferre-assessment or renewal to maintain their validity.   


In conclusion, the NAVTTC Skill Verification Program serves as a stopgap for individuals seeking to enhance their skill set and advance their careers. Through its  stoner-friendly online enrollment process and comprehensive assessment frame, NAVTTC continues to empower individuals with the tools they need to thrive in a moment’s dynamic job request. Embrace the occasion, embark on your skill verification trip, and  unleash a world of possibilities with NAVTTC.     

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