NAVTTC - Skill Verification ProgramNAVTTC - Skill Verification Program

NAVTTC – Skill Verification Program

Acknowledgement of Prior Learning (RPL) could be to certify the gifted youth prepared through the casual division known as ‘Ustad-Shagird’ framework. To upgrade work prospects for such youth, RPL was propelled by NAVTTC as a device to recognize/certify the abilities procured through informal/unregulated implies. In general NAVTTC has surveyed and certified the abilities of more than 47,000 youth from the casual segment. Aptitudes of 30,156 youth have been surveyed and certified beneath the Prime Minister’s Youth Expertise Advancement program.

Prime Minister’s Youth Aptitude Improvement Program (PMYSDP)

The Prime Minister’s Youth Aptitude Advancement Program (PMYSDP) was started to reinforce the quality of specialized and professional instruction and preparation (TVET). The reason for the program is to prepare youthful individuals with market-driven customary and high-tech aptitudes required for career movement with a point to bring the capacity of youth to standard with universal measures. PMYSDP is the vehicle of change to enable youth and saddle their potential for human improvement and change of the longer term Pakistan. The program comprises a few components of mediations to fortify the change of the whole TVET framework within the country.

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NAVTTC – Skill Verification Program

National Professional and Specialized Training Commission

The National Professional and Specialized Preparing Commission (NAVTTC) is an independent organization made beneath the act of Parliament (NAVTTC Act 2011), to direct and supplier coordination and arrangement heading for specialized instruction & professional trainings all through Pakistan, and set up worldwide linkages with legitimate TVET substances around the world.

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NAVTTC Ability Verification

Since its beginning, NAVTTC has taken a few meditations for transforming the TVET segment in Pakistan. As a to begin with step, it advanced a National Aptitudes Strategy in meeting with all the partners counting industrialists, chambers of commerce, employers, the scholarly community, arrangement producers and worldwide advancement accomplices. The NSS gives a comprehensive activity for patching up TVET within the nation. A few activities have as of now been taken on the proposals contained within the NSS, which incorporates advancement of National Professional Capability System (NVQF), national capabilities framework for instructors, code of conduct, accreditation framework, HRD approach for TVET, aptitude measures, and educational module in need areas.

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What is the Acknowledgement of Earlier Learning (RPL) extended by NAVTTC?

The Acknowledgement of Earlier Learning (RPL) extension is outlined to certify gifted people who have been prepared through the casual segment, especially the ‘Ustad-Shagird’ framework. Its aim is to recognize and certify abilities procured through casual or unregulated means.

How many youth have been surveyed and certified beneath the RPL project?

NAVTTC has surveyed and certified the abilities of more than 47,000 youth from the casual division. Also, 30,156 youth have been evaluated and certified beneath the Prime Minister’s Youth Expertise Improvement program.

What is the Prime Minister’s Youth Ability Advancement Program (PMYSDP)?

PMYSDP is an activity aimed at improving the quality of specialized and professional instruction and preparation (TVET) in Pakistan. It looks to prepare youthful individuals with market-driven ordinary and high-tech abilities to move forward their work prospects and bring their capacity to standard with worldwide standards. 

Does NAVTTC contribute to the TVET division in Pakistan?

NAVTTC, set up beneath the NAVTTC Act 2011, plays a pivotal part in directing, planning, and giving arrangement direction for specialized instruction and professional preparation all through Pakistan. It moreover sets up worldwide linkages with trustworthy TVET substances worldwide.

What intercessions has NAVTTC embraced for changing the TVET sector?

NAVTTC has actualized different meditations to change the TVET division, counting creating a National Abilities Procedure (NSS) in meeting with partners, setting up a National Professional Capability System (NVQF), defining ability measures and educational program in need regions, and implementing a Human Asset Advancement (HRD) arrangement for TVET.

Final Word:

The NAVTTC Aptitude Confirmation Program and Acknowledgement of Earlier Learning (RPL) activity imply critical strides in certifying and engaging gifted youth in Pakistan. Through activities just like the Minister’s Youth Aptitude Advancement Program (PMYSDP) and mediations pointed at changing the TVET segment, NAVTTC proceeds to contribute towards the socio-economic development of the country by harnessing the potential of its youth.

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