National Vocational & Technical Training CommissionNational Vocational & Technical Training Commission

National Vocational & Technical Training Commission

NAVTTC and UNHCR formed an organization in 2018 to execute the Cohort Jobs Improvement through Professional and Specialized Aptitude Advancement” extension. National Vocational & Technical Training Commission project’s objective is to improve vocation openings for Afghan displaced people, stateless people, refuge searchers, and youth by giving professional ability advancement preparing and internships.

Over the a long time, NAVTTC & UNHCR have effectively conducted professional and specialized ability preparing for Cohorts A, B, C, and D, crossing from 2019 to 2022. This activity has emphatically affected over 6,500 displaced people and youth over Pakistan. Amid the preparing period, members get a month to month stipend of 3,000 PKR. Upon completion, learners are prepared with toolkits and certificates to encourage a smooth move into their careers.

National Vocational & Technical Training Commission 2024 Opening Jobs Opportunities

National Vocational & Technical Training Commission offers openings for people to gain whereas they learn, obtaining aptitudes appropriate over different work segments. Catering to both men and ladies, NAVTTC gives comprehensive preparing in assorted zones. Looking for ability across the country, counting in cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar, NAVTTC looks for new, dedicated people with a proactive demeanor.

The commission not as it were gives preparing but too helps work searchers by outfitting data almost distinctive occupations and imperative aptitudes. For point by point opportunity data, allude to the taking after sections.

Approximately Competent Specialist NAVTTC

NAVTTC, brief for the National Professional and Specialized Preparing Commission, serves as the overseeing body for specialized instruction and professional preparation in Pakistan. Established under the administration of Chairman Altaf M. Saleem, NAVTTC is committed to progressing specialized education and professional preparation activities nationwide.

How to Apply for NAVTTC Jobs?

Point by point data approximately work opportunities and the application handle is given within the notice. Candidates are exhorted to carefully fill out the application shape to dodge mistakes and give exact data. Accommodation of applications involves assembly the required criteria. For advance points of interest, visit the NAVTTC site or refer to the advertisement.

Table:Quick Information

Browse NAVTTC CareersVisit the National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) careers page to look for available positions.
Check Job RequirementsCarefully review the qualifications and experience required for the specific job you’re interested in.
Apply Through National Employment Exchange Tool (NEXT)Submit your application electronically through the NEXT portal at within the application deadline.
Prepare Application MaterialsEnsure you have the necessary documents, such as your CV and any certificates relevant to the position, ready to upload during the application process.

NATIONAL Professional & Specialized Preparing COMMISSION Employments 2024 Apply Online

The Government of Pakistan, Service of Government Instruction & Proficient Preparing, NAVTTC declares an extension for accommodation of online applications for joint wander preparing accomplices (high-end, mechanical & customary trainings). Referencing the subject “Ask for Recommendations (RFP),” the final date for accommodation has been expanded from 20-10-2024 to 06-11-2024. Interested parties can yield online applications at All other terms and conditions stay unchanged.


What is the objective of the NAVTTC-UNHCR partnership?

The organization points to improve job openings for Afghan displaced people, stateless people, refuge searchers, and have youth through professional ability improvement preparing and internships.

How can people apply for NAVTTC jobs?

A: Interested individuals can apply by taking after the informational given within the notice and guaranteeing they meet the desired criteria.

What is NAVTTC’s part in Pakistan’s specialized instruction landscape?

A: NAVTTC serves as the administering body for specialized instruction and professional preparing, directing activities to development aptitudes advancement nationwide.

Final Word:

NAVTTC remains committed to enabling people through ability improvement and work openings, contributing to the socioeconomic growth of Pakistan. We encourage all eligible candidates to explore the available vacancies and embark on a journey towards personal and professional growth.

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