Khidmat Card Online RegistrationKhidmat Card Online Registration

How Khidmat Cards in BISP Help Individuals with Disabilities 2024

 Khidmat Card

The Khidmat Card, implemented under the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), plays a crucial role in providing support to individuals with disabilities across Pakistan. This initiative aims to enhance their quality of life by offering financial assistance and access to essential services.

Khidma0t Cards in BISP

The Khidmat Card serves as a lifeline for registered individuals with disabilities under the BISP framework. It provides immediate financial relief and facilitates access to necessary items such as wheelchairs and bicycles.


Direct Financial Aid: Beneficiaries receive instant monetary support through the Khidmat Card, eliminating intermediaries and ensuring swift access to funds. This aid is designed to help individuals with disabilities meet their daily needs and improve their overall standard of living.


In-Person Registration: Individuals with disabilities can apply for the Khidmat Card at designated BISP centers. During registration, a valid CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) is required.

Proxy Registration: If an applicant is unable to visit due to their disability, they can authorize a representative to apply on their behalf. The representative must present the beneficiary’s CNIC during registration.

Khidmat Cards i
Khidmat Cards i


To qualify for the Khidmat Card, individuals must meet specific criteria, including:

  • Significant mobility impairment
  • Inability to walk without assistance
  • Lack of adequate support for daily care
  • Absence of a bank account
  • Residing in a household with at least five disabled members and no academic achievements

Accessing Funds and Benefits

Beneficiaries can withdraw allocated funds through the Khidmat Card from authorized ATMs or designated outlets. This ensures secure and convenient access to funds tailored to their specific needs.

Online Registration

For those unable to visit BISP centers due to their disability, online registration is available. This allows individuals with disabilities to complete the registration process from the comfort of their homes, provided they are enrolled in the program.


The introduction of the Khidmat Card in BISP marks a significant stride towards addressing the challenges faced by people with disabilities in Pakistan. By providing direct financial assistance, access to essential services, and assistive technology, this initiative aims to enhance the well-being and independence of disabled individuals, promoting inclusivity and personal empowerment.


What is the Khidmat Card?

The Khidmat Card is a BISP initiative aimed at providing immediate financial assistance and essential services to individuals with disabilities.

What benefits does the Khidmat Card provide?

It offers timely cash aid and facilitates access to items like wheelchairs or similar mobility aids.

How can someone apply for the Khidmat Card?

Individuals can apply in person at designated BISP facilities by presenting a valid CNIC.

Proxy registration is also possible, where a representative can apply on behalf of the beneficiary using their CNIC.


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