News Update: JDC Free Mobile Restaurants 2024News Update: JDC Free Mobile Restaurants 2024

JDC Free Mobile Restaurants Overview

Karachi is viewed as the center point of the country. The metropolitan city offers different open doors and vows to individuals having a place with all classes and groups. The city is imagined as an objective by millions. The city flaunts its lovely tall pinnacles, immense shopping centers, wonderful foundation, and extravagance, providing a picture with that individuals of this city carry on with uncommon lives.

JDC Free Mobile Restaurants Idea

This thought draws in great many workers consistently to Karachi with trusts that they will actually want to work on their expectations for everyday comforts. Sadly, this stunt doesn’t turn out by and large.

Subsequent to experiencing because of absence of training, information, or abilities or just because of plain karma, a huge number of individuals are left with a monetary emergency in the city.

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JDC Free Mobile Restaurants Eligibility

These specialists begin working everyday pay occupations just to make to the point of placing in their mouths. The city, because of its charm, is costly and in this way, in any event, overseeing everyday feasts turns into a test for millions.

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JDC Free Mobile Restaurants Main Goals

The objective of the free versatile eatery is to give dinners to the residents as well as give them cover. There is an assortment of food served in the free versatile café, including the city’s well known biryani. The food served on the free portable eatery is liberated from sadaqah or zakat, which makes it available to all groups and convictions.

The objective is to give where everybody can eat without feeling little. The establishment harshly accepts that utilizing words like ‘poor people’ or ‘destitute’ is rude in this way;, we need to give a stage where everybody can eat and eat like the other residents.

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Our Free Mobile Restaurant Locations

  • Free Mobile Restaurant at Indus Hospital Karachi
  • Free Mobile Restaurant at II Chandragar Road
  • Free mobile restaurant at Shahrah e Faisal
  • Free mobile restaurant at Malir
  • Free mobile restaurant at Numaish
  • Free mobile restaurant at Pims Hospital Islamabad

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JDC establishment began a dastarkhwan in 2011 whose objective was to give three-time feasts to the diligent residents of this city with no charge. The dastarkhwan was an enormous achievement and works in excess of five urban communities. Following the progress of dastarkhwan, JDC as of late sent off free portable eateries in Karachi as well.

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The free portable eatery is another drive that implements that ideally, nobody makes an off-base stride because of an absence of food in their lives. JDC establishment and their free portable eateries are as of now working at Numaish Chorangi, and we demand you all to help our drive and show the world what the residents of this extraordinary city are able to do.

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