Installment Payment Increased From Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program

The Ba Himmat Buzurg Program, administered by the Pakistani government, provides financial assistance to needy individuals over the age of 60. This program aims to alleviate financial burdens for eligible applicants. Below are the detailed steps and information on how to register for and benefit from this program.

Online Registration for Ba Himmat Buzurg Program

To register for the Ba Himmat Buzurg Program online, follow these steps:

Visit the BISP Program Website: Go to the official BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) website.

Fill Out the Registration Form: Enter your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number and a four-word code. Include your smartphone number for utility qualification.

Qualify and Collect Funds: After qualification, you will be instructed to collect your funds from the nearest BISP utility office. For more detailed information, visit the program’s website.

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Installment Payment Increased From Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program

Assistance Retrieval Process

If you face difficulties in obtaining assistance from a local office:

Visit the Nearest Tehsil Office: Go to your local tehsil office.

Verification: Have your CNIC verified by the office staff.

Receive Aid: Once verified, you will receive your aid promptly.

New Registration Method for Ba Himmat Buzurg Program

The updated registration process involves the following steps:

Visit the BISP Software Program Website: Access the official website.

Submit Required Information: Enter your CNIC and a four-word code.

Await Response: Expect a response within 24 hours.

Collect Resources: After approval, collect your financial assistance from any BISP software office.

Latest Update on the Ba Himmat Buzurg Program

For those who have not yet received aid, follow these steps:

Submit CNIC to 8171: Send your CNIC number to 8171.

Receive SMS Notification: Wait for an automatic SMS response.

Collect Funds: Go to your local BISP software office to collect your funds.

Program Details

Topic Details
Ba Himmat Buzurg Program Govt. aid for needy Pakistanis over 60.
Online Registration Register on the BISP website with CNIC and code, and collect funds locally after approval.
Assistance Retrieval Resolve issues at the tehsil office, and collect payments at any BISP office.


The Ba Himmat Buzurg Program provides significant financial support to deserving elderly individuals. By following the outlined registration methods, eligible participants can easily access the benefits. Whether registering online or using the updated 2024 process, the steps are clearly defined to ensure a smooth application experience. If you need financial assistance, ensure you understand all the details provided to maximize your benefits from the Ba Himmat Buzurg Program.


What is the Ba Himmat Buzurg Program?

The Ba Himmat Buzurg Program is a government initiative in Pakistan that provides financial aid to eligible individuals, primarily those over the age of 60, to help them manage financial challenges.

How can I sign up for the Ba Himmat Buzurg Program online?

Visit the BISP program website, fill out the registration form using your CNIC and a four-word code, and check your eligibility. Once eligible, go to the local BISP utility office to collect the awarded money.

How can I get support from the Ba Himmat Buzurg Program?

If you encounter issues at a local office, visit the nearest tehsil office to verify your CNIC and retrieve aid. Payments can be collected at any BISP office in your area.

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