How To Check Ehsaas Program PMT ScoreHow To Check Ehsaas Program PMT Score

How To Check Ehsaas Program PMT Score

In 2008, the government of Pakistan established the Benazir Income Support Program
(BISP) to aid low-income families by providing them with a steady stream of cash payments. In
order to participate, Pakistani citizens need to have a Proxy Means Test (PMT) and know How To Check Ehsaas Program PMT Score score of 30 or lower.
There is a number value assigned to your personal financial situation that is known as your
“PMT score.” Whether or not you qualify for BISP benefits depends on your score. #

BISP PMT results online:

  1. Visit to learn more about BISP.
  2. Simply select the “PMT Score” menu option.
  3. You’ll need to provide your CNIC and birth date.
  4. Just hit the “Submit” button.
  5. The results of the PMT will be shown to you. The minimum PMT score required to qualify
    for BISP subsidies is 30.
How To Check Ehsaas Program PMT Score

BISP Program Benefits:

Benefits registration for the BISP can be completed in person at a regional registration center or
● You’ll need to create an account and supply personal details such as your CNIC number,
birth date, email address and phone number if you want to register online.
● When you register, you’ll be asked to provide documentation including your CNIC and
proof of household income. The TMA office in your Tehsil is where you may get your
income certificate.
● Your application will be reviewed, and then you will be informed of its outcome. BISP
payment cards are issued to those who qualify for the program. You can use this card
at any ATM or HBL E-Connect location to withdraw cash.

Eligibility Check for the Ehsaas Program 2024:

In order to participate in the Ehsaas Program between 2024, you must meet the
following requirements:

  • You need to prove that you’re a legal resident of Pakistani territory.
  • A PMT score of 30 or below is required.
  • You may not be a government worker or be eligible for any other type of government
  • assistance.
  • You obviously aren’t a taxpayer.
  • Results from the Ehsaas Initiative

Many advantages are available to qualified families through the Ehsaas Program.

  • Get paid PKR 15,000 every month as a financial allowance.
  • Free college tuition for deserving kids.
  • Provision of medical services at no cost.
  • Programmes that help people improve their skills.
  • Potential careers.

To find out if you qualify for the Ehsaas Program, call the BISP at 8171 or go to your
local BISP registration center


Can you tell me my BISP PMT score?

The BISP PMT score is a numeric value determined by your household’s income and wealth. To
see if you qualify for BISP benefits, here is what you’ll need to fill out.

Where can I go to see what my BISP PMT score is online?

Follow these instructions to view your BISP PMT score online:

  1. Visit for the BISP website.
  2. Select the “PMT Score” menu item.
  3. Please include your date of birth and CNIC number.
  4. The “Submit” button must be clicked.
  5. Your performance on the PMT will be shown on the screen.

What are the requirements to participate in the Ehsaas Program in 2023 and 2024?

The following are the requirements to participate in the Ehsaas Program in 2024:
● All applicants must prove their Pakistani citizenship.
● A PMT score of 30 or lower is required.
● You are not eligible if you work for the government or get any sort of assistance from the
● There’s no way you’re a taxpayer.

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