Electric bike scheme for student in Pakistan

Electric bike scheme for student in Pakistan

Punjab govt to provide 20,000 bikes to students on easy installments A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was recently signed by Punjab Bank and the Transport Department to facilitate the program.Ms Nawaz herself assessed tests of the electric and petroleum bicycles, it are fulfilled to guarantee quality guidelines. She even coordinated that the bicycles be painted in the mark green shade of the Punjab government.

During the service, she by and by assessed the proposed electric and petroleum bicycles, underlining the significance of guaranteeing top notch principles.In addition, she instructed the authorities to color the bikes in accordance with the green logo of the Punjab government, which reflects the province’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

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Tending to the get-together, the Punjab CM reported that 19,000 petroleum and 1,000 electric bicycles would be distributed to understudies on a regularly scheduled payment premise, without causing any interest. By providing bikes through simple installment plans, she emphasized the government’s commitment to assisting students.

Besides, Maryam Nawaz featured the impartial dispersion of bicycles among male and female understudies, underscoring the significance of orientation inclusivity in the drive. She expressed satisfaction with the distribution process’s equal gender representation.

In order to ensure that the program is implemented as soon as possible, the registration process for students who want to use the bikes will begin immediately. For electric bikes, the monthly payment will be less than ten thousand rupees, while the monthly payment for petrol bikes is set at five thousand rupees.

Monthly Installment e-Bikes Scheme Punjab

During the MoU marking service between the Punjab Transport Division and Punjab Bank, Punjab Boss Clergyman Maryam Nawaz Sharif said 19,000 petroleum and 1,000 electric bicycles would be given to understudies liberated from revenue in regularly scheduled payments.
The regularly scheduled payment of a petroleum bicycle will be 5000 and the regularly scheduled payment of an e-bicycle will be under 10000. The process of registering students for bicycles will begin as soon as possible.

The public authority plans to grant the bikes to understudies through an attract May 2024. After the attract May, conveyance of bicycles will be begun around the same time. In towns, 70% portion was saved for male understudies and 30% for female understudies.

Punjab Students Bike Scheme registration

The Punjab government claims that registration for the 20,000 bikes will begin shortly. At the end of May, students will receive bicycles.

Check Registration Payment details here

Punjab Boss Clergyman Maryam Nawaz during the third bureau meeting in Lahore reported to circulate 20,000 bicycles to understudies in reasonable portions on Tuesday.

CM Maryam featured the task and guided specialists to start work on the e-bicycle projects. Boss Pastor showed that fuel-controlled and electric bicycles will help understudies with their ordinary drives.

In the midst of soaring bicycle costs, the public authority declared a proposition that permits understudies to buy a bicycle with an up front installment of Rs25,000 and a regularly scheduled installment of under Rs5,000.

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