Big News!E-Rozgar Program for Youth of Pakistan 2024 Government of PakistanBig News!E-Rozgar Program for Youth of Pakistan 2024 Government of Pakistan

There are many measures and projects to advance Rozgar and abilities in Pakistan. One of these projects is the State leader’s Childhood Program, which incorporates projects, for example, Ehsaas Apportion Plan 8123, Benazir Pay Backing Plan 8171, Youth Business venture Credit Plan, Prime Service Youth Abilities Improvement Program, and Prime Service Youth Preparing System.

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45 centers of the e-Rozgar Program

The e-Rozgar Program was laid out in 36 districts of Pakistan with 45 focuses and seven classes. The Punjab Government has as of late sent off an e-business preparing program. One more regarded association is the Public Professional and Specialized Preparing Gathering (NAVTTC), which advances professional instruction, Rozgar, and preparing across the country. The Service of State and Public Schooling works with public and confidential associations on business improvement abilities and professional preparation to expand Rozgar and take out neediness.

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Prime Minister’s Youth ProgrammeVarious schemes for Rozgar and skills development.
The government provides cash assistance to eligible families.Established in 36 regions with 45 centers for skills training.
Ehsaas Ration Scheme / Benazir Income Support SchemeProvides ration and financial support to low-income families.
Cash assistance of 9000Government provides cash assistance to eligible families.

Job opportunities

Individuals are stressed over monetary development in Pakistan, where open positions are not many in the nation, and individuals with low livelihoods can’t proceed with their kids’ schooling since they don’t have cash. The public authority of Pakistan has made many projects to take care of individuals’ concerns. The Benazir Pay Backing Project 8171 and the Ehsaas Apportion Program were likewise sent off.

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Cash assistance of 9000

The Public authority gives cash help to 9000 qualified families. Also, through the Fundamental Apportion Program, the Public authority of Pakistan disperses proportions house to house to families in immature regions. The public authority is helping Rs 9000; register now and get your cash.


This program centers around abilities for youngsters, like youthful understudies and jobless ladies. The Public authority of Pakistan sent off this program to set them up for Rozgar by giving them abilities. These projects mean to wipe out destitution by giving position and business preparing and monetary help to youthful Pakistanis.

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How much cash the Public authority is giving?

The public authority is giving Rs. 9000.

In what number of locales was the e-Rozgar Program laid out?

The e-Rozgar Program was laid out in 36 districts of Pakistan.

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