E-Portal Application Process for Six-Panel Solar System Scheme E-Portal Application Process for Six-Panel Solar System Scheme 

E-Portal Application Process for Six-Panel Solar System Scheme 

The rising cost of electricity is a concern for many Pakistani households. In an effort to promote renewable energy and ease the financial burden, the Punjab government has launched a commendable initiative – the Six-Panel Solar System Scheme. This program offers residents the opportunity to acquire a solar power system at a subsidized rate, significantly reducing their reliance on the national grid.

This guide delves into the details of applying for the Six-Panel Solar System Scheme through the Punjab government’s user-friendly e-portal. We’ll explore eligibility criteria, application procedures, required documents, and the overall benefits of embracing solar energy.

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Eligibility for the Six-Panel Solar System Scheme

The Punjab government prioritizes responsible use of resources and aims to make solar technology accessible to those who can benefit the most. To be eligible for the scheme, you must meet the following criteria:

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  • Punjab Residency: You must be a permanent resident of Punjab and possess a valid Punjab ID card (Punjab Domicile).
  • Electricity Consumption: Your monthly electricity consumption should fall between 100 and 300 units. This ensures the system efficiently meets your energy needs.

Applying Through the E-Portal: A Streamlined Process

The Punjab government has adopted a convenient and transparent approach to applying for the Six-Panel Solar System Scheme. Applications are processed electronically through a dedicated e-portal, eliminating the need for lengthy physical visits to government offices. Here’s a breakdown of the application process:

  1. Locating the E-Portal: While the official website address for the e-portal might not be readily available yet (as of June 12, 2024), you can stay informed by checking the Punjab government’s official website or reputable news sources for updates.
  2. Filling Out the Application Form: Once you access the e-portal, navigate to the “Apply for Solar System Installation” section. Here, you’ll find a digital application form that needs to be filled out accurately. The form will likely request details such as:
    • Personal Information (Name, Father’s Name, Contact Details)
    • Residential Address (Including Proof of Ownership)
    • Electricity Connection Details (Meter Number, Consumption History)
    • Selection of the Six-Panel Solar System Option
  3. Uploading Documentation: The application process will most likely require you to upload scanned copies of the following documents:
    • CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card)
    • Proof of Residence (Property Ownership Documents or Landlord Approval Letter)
    • Latest Electricity Bill
    • Passport-Sized Photograph (Optional)
  4. Review and Submission: After meticulously reviewing all the information you’ve entered and ensuring the uploaded documents are clear and valid, submit the application electronically. The e-portal will provide a confirmation message or reference number for your application.
  5. Following Up on Application Status: The e-portal should offer functionalities to track the progress of your application. You might be able to log in and view the current status (pending, approved, rejected) or receive updates via email or SMS.

E-Portal Application Process for Six-Panel Solar System Scheme 

Benefits of Embracing Solar Power

The advantages of installing a solar power system extend far beyond reducing your electricity bills:

  • Reduced Electricity Costs: Solar panels generate clean energy, significantly lowering your dependence on the national grid and its fluctuating rates.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Solar energy is a renewable resource, helping combat climate change and promote a cleaner environment.
  • Increased Property Value: Homes equipped with solar systems often attract higher market value due to the cost-saving benefits.
  • Energy Independence: By generating your own electricity, you gain a degree of independence from power outages and fluctuations in the national grid.

Additional Considerations

While the e-portal simplifies the application process, it’s essential to stay informed about any potential updates or changes. Here are some additional tips:

  • Official Sources: Rely on official government websites or verified news sources for the latest information about the scheme and the e-portal.
  • Clarity on Costs: While the government subsidizes 75% of the cost, be prepared for any associated fees or remaining installments you might need to pay.
  • Technical Support: The e-portal might offer resources or contact information for technical support if you encounter any difficulties during the application process.


The Punjab government’s Six-Panel Solar System Scheme is a remarkable initiative promoting renewable energy and empowering residents to take control of their energy consumption. By following this guide and staying informed about the e-portal launch, you can contribute to a greener future while enjoying significant cost savings on your electricity bills.


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