DG BISP Program

DG BISP Program :

DG BISP Program The new DG of BISP Program has informed us which ladies are we giving cash to, which are these households to whom we are giving money, can each and every lady in Pakistan get this money, we will discuss about this and we will inform you about which households will be blanketed in this, see, a very large software is going on in Pakistan proper now,

which has been named Benefit Income Support Program and past this, apprehend some small applications or think about them as initiatives like Kafa software is a separate program, there is a software for children’s education, vaginal availability fund, there is additionally a application to take cash from Aqwa, so in this way, the authorities has started out many programs. DG BISP Program


DG BISP Program


All District

So right here Naveed Akbar sahab stated that we have to encompass greater than one crore households in the complete united states of america and these who We have blanketed human beings and the human beings who acquired the survey done, they have counted their numbers and instructed here. DG BISP Program

In this way, they stated that the whole variety of Khandans right here who took phase in the survey here is 1 crore 26,6751 and in the identical way, they advised right here that so many humans have acquired the survey finished in Islamabad, in Punjab, in Balochistan, Gilgal Bastan, that is, they have instructed all the cities right here and after that they have stated that the lady who has a Khandan and is married, we are giving her cash here, solely these ladies can take part in it, however if any member of the household receives the survey done, it is a right thing, however female are being known as here.

New installment

Now it has been stated by using Naveed Akbar sahab that we have to consist of 7 lakh Majeed Khandans and the Khandans have been instructed that they have to get the survey completed this month, if they do now not get the survey done, then they will cease getting cash here, however we will wait a little for them, if you have a new case It is additionally launched however you do now not get cash due to survey, DG BISP Program


DG BISP Program


if you get blanketed in the survey then you will get your preceding installment and the new installment will additionally be given by means of the authorities right here and alongside with this they have stated that we have given this fee via camp site, the upcoming price will additionally be given thru camp web site and now the cash will begin coming to you from the month of August and alongside with that the manner of giving cash until September will be persevered and with reference to the expand in Benazir Income Support Program.

Benazir Income Support Program

They stated that at current we are giving assist of ₹ 10 five hundred to ladies right here however if any notification comes from the government, if the price range remains, the way the authorities has saved a finances of zero billion, then the assist that you human beings have, there is additionally a opportunity of 13000 going from the authorities and alongside with this, there is academic facility for this Hawale

There was once a large problem going on, so many ladies had been upset due to the fact they have been no longer being given cash here, they had been solely getting Rs. 500, they have been now not getting scholarship for their children, so when this count number reached the Banazir Income Support Program people. DG BISP Program


DG BISP Program



They stated that we are monitoring this thing, the ladies who did now not get the academic allowance for their children, we will supply them the academic allowance in each scenario and for this you will get a message from Aladd from BISP Program 8171 Qatar, if you have already gathered ₹ 500, then for the final scholarship for the children, you will get hold of a message from 8171, after that you will go to the camp site, there you will be in a position to get the instructional allowance for your children. DG BISP Program

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