Clarification on Punjab Bike Scheme Cancellation

Overview: Recent reports suggesting the cancellation of the Punjab Bike Scheme have left many students in distress. This article aims to provide clarity on the situation and shed light on the reasons behind this decision.

Reasons for Cancellation: Contrary to previous plans of distributing electric bikes, the Punjab government has opted to provide petrol bikes instead. This decision stems from concerns regarding the limited mileage of electric bikes and the risk of battery theft. Despite acknowledging the eco-friendly nature of electric bikes, it was deemed impractical to implement the scheme at present due to these challenges.

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Government’s Decision:

The decision to cancel the e-bike scheme was made during a meeting chaired by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif. While recognizing the importance of clean transportation, it was concluded that the current circumstances necessitate a shift to petrol bikes. However, assurances have been made that the electric bike scheme will be revisited in the coming years.

Public Concerns and Response:

The cancellation of the electric bike scheme has sparked concerns among students and environmentalists alike. Dr. Ayesha Amir emphasized the need for a review of this decision, citing the adverse health effects associated with petrol bikes. Environmentalists stress the importance of investing in public transport infrastructure to combat pollution in major cities like Lahore.

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Challenges with Electric Vehicles:

Acknowledging the criticisms, the marketing manager of the electric bike company admitted that the plan to introduce electric bikes in Punjab was premature. Challenges such as the lack of charging stations and battery lifespan prompted the decision to postpone the scheme. However, there are plans to reintroduce the scheme once Punjab’s infrastructure is more conducive to electric vehicles.

Transition to Petrol Bikes:

Given the current circumstances,

the distribution of petrol bikes instead of electric bikes under the Punjab government’s scheme is deemed more feasible. Applicants who applied for electric bikes will now receive petrol bikes.

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Punjab Bike Scheme 2024 Distribution:

Approximately 20,000 students out of 72,000 applicants will be selected through a lottery conducted by PITB in May. The exact date for the draw has not been announced yet.


While the cancellation of the electric bike scheme may disappoint some students, it is a decision made in light of practical challenges. The Punjab government remains committed to promoting clean transportation and plans to revisit the electric bike scheme in the future. Applicants are encouraged to stay updated for further announcements regarding the distribution of petrol bikes.

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