How to Get BISP Payment Through JazzCash How to Get BISP Payment Through JazzCash 

How to Get BISP Payment Through JazzCash

BISP Payment Through JazzCash

The government of Pakistan has introduced a convenient method for distributing Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) payments through Jazz Cash, aiming to assist poor and deserving individuals efficiently. Jazz Cash, available on every mobile device, offers a user-friendly solution for accessing these funds.

Understanding Eligibility for BISP Program

To qualify for BISP, individuals must meet specific criteria:

  • Poverty rate exceeding 60%.
  • Absence of ownership of a private house.
  • No household member employed in a government position.
  • Monthly income below 25,000 PKR.
  • Bank balance less than 2,000 PKR.
  • No involvement in theft or robbery.

Registering for BISP

If eligible and not yet registered, follow these steps to enroll and ensure receipt of future BISP payments:

Ineligible Families Register Through BISP Office

Online Registration Process

  1. Open Chrome on your mobile device.
  2. Visit the official BISP website.
  3. Navigate to the registration page.
  4. Input your ID card number and required documents.
  5. Click “Register Now.”
  6. Upon completion, you’ll receive a confirmation message.

Easy Payment Process via JazzCash

Once registered with BISP, follow these steps to receive payments conveniently through Jazz Cash:


Benazir Kafaalat 10500

Setting Up JazzCash Account

  1. Download the Jazz Cash app from your mobile store.
  2. Enter your mobile number.
  3. Input your ID card number on the subsequent page.
  4. Receive an OTP code on your mobile.
  5. Enter the OTP and click “Register.”

Receiving BISP Payments

  1. Launch the Jazz Cash app after registration.
  2. Ensure your BISP number is updated at the nearest BISP office.
  3. After updating, you can begin receiving payments via Jazz Cash.

Payment Increases 16500


In conclusion, the integration of Jazz Cash for BISP payments in 2024 signifies a significant leap towards enhancing accessibility for eligible recipients. With this streamlined process, beneficiaries can manage and receive their entitled support directly through their mobile devices.

All necessary details have been provided in this article to guide you through the process effectively. Should you have any further queries after reading, please feel free to ask in the comments section.

FAQsWhat is Jazz Cash?
Jazz Cash is a mobile money service enabling users to manage finances and make payments through their mobile phones.How can I receive my BISP payments through Jazz Cash?
To receive BISP payments via Jazz Cash, download the app, register with your mobile number and ID card details, and follow the provided steps.Can I receive BISP payments without registering with Jazz Cash?
No, registration with Jazz Cash is mandatory to receive BISP payments through the app. Complete the registration process as outlined to begin receiving payments.

How will I know if my registration for BISP through Jazz Cash is successful?
Upon completing the registration process on Jazz Cash, you will receive a confirmation message or notification on your mobile indicating successful registration.

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