BISP New taleemi 10500 8171 new Updates 2024BISP New taleemi 10500 8171 new Updates 2024

BISP New taleemi 10500 8171 new Updates

Many parents are worried, have they been here? Someone is saying that it has been nine months, I have not received the payment for the children, and someone is saying that it has been six months. And someone is saying that it has been three months, we still won’t get the children’s stipend and it will eventually be less, Some are worried, about what has happened to the section, what is the class, and what has changed, because in March, our children were studying in the preschool class, now they have moved to the next class, so do we have to go back to school now?

8171 new Updates

You can also take it and what you can do is get it cleaned and fill it up from school to school. And what to do with your children? Re-enroll now there are many people who are facing difficulties in this regard. There are similar problems like what happened to them before when we said that yes,

 Update the form by December 31

A link will be created with your children and your payment will be received. If it’s done, they haven’t received theirs yet, so it’s still the same SIM case, now what’s the SIM case? What do you have to say to them? You have to say that we also know that they are already updated, but our children’s stipend has not been received, so if our children update now, what will happen when those children update again? If so, then what happens in the target generation of attendance, your child’s name will be mentioned again in this way,your child has been dropped, he was not there when he went to school or whatever What happened to that child? Now if you don’t update it, it will remain dropped. It will not be included in our attendance collection target if the child is updated again. What will happen next quarter which will be ours, what will be done in it is attendance verification, it will be in its target and so what will happen is the stipend of your child will be restored.

BISP 10500 Update

If the child is in the same school, he is in the same school. When the employee goes, what do they say? They say that the LG child has gone to this class, so they changed his class. He was studying now his vacation in April, he went to another school, then you need to change his school, so make a slip from the school he belongs to, and we have problems with Benazir and submit the slips there. Your child will have a show in this school. Advise, that he will be in the previous school and the teacher there will say, Man, your child has grown up from here, he has left us, so what will we do, we will drop him. The matter is over, now the child is not here, so how do we know where he goes? Unless you change his school again, he will not attend the school he belongs to. The scholarship of your child will be stopped. It will be done if he is in the same school then there is no need at all if he has gone to another school then you need to update the school again then there is one more thing in it now we are doing verification.
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