BISP kafaalat Payment 10500 Thumb Verification Issue ResolvedBISP kafaalat Payment 10500 Thumb Verification Issue Resolved

BISP kafaalat Payment 10500 Thumb Verification Issue Resolved

BISP kafaalat Payment 10500 Thumb Verification Issue Resolved BISP has recently announced a new payment amount of 10,500 rupees under the BISP Kafaalat program, set to commence shortly. This financial aid will be provided to all eligible individuals who register for the program. Both current participants who have received previous installments and those who have yet to complete their registration can now join the program to receive the 10,500 rupees payment.”

BISP Kafaalat Payment 10500 with Resolved Thumb Verification Issue

BISP has successfully resolved the thumb verification issue that hindered many people from completing their registrations for the Kafaalat Payment of 10500 rupees. Previously, individuals faced difficulties due to incomplete thumb verification, preventing them from fully participating in the program. Now, BISP has streamlined the verification process, allowing all eligible individuals to easily complete their thumb verification and join the program.

BISP kafaalat Payment 10500

This initiative by BISP aims to provide convenience and accessibility to all poor individuals who qualify for the Benazir Income Support Kafaalat Program. Whether visiting a BISP office or using the newly introduced web portal, eligible applicants can now register without hassle. The process ensures that even those with disabilities or limited mobility can complete their registrations from the comfort of their homes.

BISP kafaalat Payment 10500 Thumb Verification Issue Resolved
BISP kafaalat Payment 10500 Thumb Verification Issue Resolved

Registration Process at BISP Office:

  1. Visit your nearest BISP office.
  2. Bring your valid ID card, mobile phone number, and all required documents.
  3. Complete the verification process with the BISP representative.
  4. Await confirmation via SMS of your successful registration.

Registration Process via Web Portal:

  1. Open Chrome browser on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the official BISP website.
  3. Select the registration page.
  4. Enter your CNIC and upload all necessary documents.
  5. Click ‘Register Now’ to submit your application.
  6. Receive confirmation of your registration status.


BISP’s introduction of the 10500 rupees Kafaalat Payment and resolution of the thumb verification issue signifies a significant step towards supporting disadvantaged communities. By ensuring smoother registration processes, BISP aims to extend financial assistance effectively and inclusively. For further details and updates, refer to the comprehensive information provided in this article

The BISP Kafaalat program has introduced a new installment of 10,500 rupees, offering crucial financial aid to impoverished individuals. This initiative allows all eligible participants to receive this amount, which can significantly support their daily needs and alleviate financial burdens. It’s excellent news for those already enrolled, as well as those yet to complete their registration, as they now have the opportunity to receive this increased installment amount after completing the registration process.

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