BISP Announces Start of 25000 Payment Tomorrow


The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has announced the commencement of payments totaling 25000 rupees to eligible families. This article provides details on the payment release date, procedures to confirm eligibility, and registration process for ineligible individuals.

Release of BISP 25000 Payment

The release date for the Benazir Kafalat program payment of 25,000 has been officially announced, ensuring transparency in the payment system under the new leadership of Chairperson Rubina Khalid. Eligible families can anticipate receiving their payments starting from June 1st.

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Confirming Eligibility for BISP 25000 Payment

To receive the monthly installment from the program, it is crucial to ensure eligibility. This can be done by checking if you meet the program’s criteria and have been declared eligible by BISP. If uncertain about your eligibility status, follow the simple method outlined in this article to confirm it.

Eligibility Confirmation Procedure

To confirm eligibility, utilize the provided BISP portal by entering your National Identity Card details. Alternatively, you can verify eligibility by sending your National Identity Card number to 8171. Upon confirmation of eligibility, proceed to the nearest center to receive your payment.

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Distribution Method for BISP 25000 Payment

Upon confirmation of eligibility, visit the nearest center to collect your payment. Present your CNIC to the representative and undergo the biometric verification process. Upon successful verification, you will receive financial assistance of 25,000. In case of any issues during the process, visit your nearest BISP office to file a complaint and resolve the matter promptly.

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Registration Process for Ineligible Individuals

If previously disqualified from the program due to incorrect financial data submission, visit your nearest BISP office to register anew with updated information. This ensures eligibility to receive financial aid from the program, assisting deserving and struggling families in meeting their basic needs.


The commencement of BISP payments presents an opportunity for eligible families to receive much-needed financial assistance. By confirming eligibility and following the registration process, individuals can access the benefits of the program and alleviate their financial burdens. The BISP program remains dedicated to supporting deserving families in their journey towards financial stability.

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