Big News: BISP Agent Arrested for Deduction in 10500 Cash AmountBig News: BISP Agent Arrested for Deduction in 10500 Cash Amount

Big News: BISP Agent Arrested for Deduction in 10500 Cash Amount In a new improvement pointed toward guaranteeing straightforwardness and decency in the dispensing of social government assistance reserves, critical move has been made against a BISP (Benazir Pay Backing System) specialist for unapproved derivations in real money installments. The occurrence, which happened in the town Qasim of the Toru region, features the careful endeavors of neighborhood experts in maintaining the uprightness of social government assistance projects like Benazir Kafaalat.

Background of the Incident

  • Following instructions of Deputy Commissioner Mardan Fayyaz Khan Sherpao, Additional Assistant Commissioner Khaula Haqdar conducted an inspection of Ehsaas Kafalat centers on Tuesday.
  • During the inspection, irregularities were discovered as unauthorized deductions from deserving women beneficiaries.
  • The authorities promptly identified and apprehended the agent responsible for the deductions.

Big News: BISP Agent Arrested for Deduction in 10500 Cash Amount

Action Taken by BISP Authorities

  • The Additional Assistant Commissioner took swift action against the culprit and forwarded a detailed report to the concerned Assistant Director of BISP.
  • In response to the incident, the BISP authority took decisive measures by blocking the agent’s ID and confiscating his device.
  • This action underscores the commitment of local authorities to hold accountable those who engage in malpractices and exploitation within social welfare programs.

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What was the nature of the deduction made by the BISP agent?

The agent was found deducting Rs. 500 from the entitled amount of Rs. 10,500 meant for deserving women beneficiaries.

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Public Awareness and Remedial Measures

  • AAC Khaula Haqdar has urged the public to collect the full entitled amount of Rs. 10,500 from the designated centers.
  • Beneficiaries are encouraged to report any complaints or irregularities to the Deputy Commissioner Complaint No. 09379230048 for prompt resolution.


The recent incident involving the apprehension of a BISP agent for unauthorized deductions underscores the commitment of local authorities to ensure transparency and accountability within social welfare programs. By taking swift action against malpractices, the authorities are working towards safeguarding the rights and entitlements of deserving beneficiaries. The public must remain vigilant and report any irregularities to facilitate the fair and efficient distribution of welfare funds.

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