BISP 10500 Payment Through ATMsBISP 10500 Payment Through ATMs

Overview of BISP 10500 Payment Through ATMs

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has implemented significant changes to streamline the distribution of financial aid. Now, new eligible families can conveniently receive their BISP 10500 payments through ATMs. This article offers detailed insights into the updated system, covering aspects such as bank partnerships, payment schedules, and eligibility criteria.

Key Updates Regarding BISP July Payment

New Bank Partnerships

BISP payments are now accessible from ATMs of six additional banks, expanding the accessibility beyond the initial two designated banks.

Payment Clusters

A comprehensive list detailing districts and associated banks has been released, aiding beneficiaries in identifying locations to withdraw their payments.

BISP Payment Method

Eligibility Expansion

The latest dynamic survey conducted by BISP has broadened eligibility criteria, encompassing more deserving families. Newly eligible beneficiaries are urged to update their details promptly to ensure seamless payment reception.

BISP July Payment Schedule

Distribution Timeline

  • July 1, 2024: Initiation of BISP 10500 payment distribution.
  • July 15, 2024: Deadline for beneficiaries to withdraw payments to avoid retraction.

Benazir Income Support Program 2009

Eligibility and Dynamic Surveys

Survey Specifics

Objective: Identify and validate eligibility of new beneficiaries for BISP payments.

Process: Completion of the survey is mandatory for beneficiaries to confirm their eligibility status.

Impact: Failure to complete the survey may lead to disqualification from receiving BISP payments.

BISP 10500 Payment
BISP 10500 Payment

BISP 12000 Relief Package


How can I verify my eligibility for a BISP 10500 payment?

You can verify your eligibility by visiting the official BISP website or contacting your nearest BISP office for guidance.

Which banks are now part of the BISP payment distribution network?

BISP payments can now be accessed through ATMs of six new banks, in addition to the original two banks.

What happens if I miss the withdrawal deadline of July 15, 2024?

Failure to withdraw your payment by the specified date will result in retraction of funds, necessitating wait until the subsequent payment cycle.


The revamped system for BISP 10500 payments via ATMs aims to enhance accessibility and convenience for beneficiaries across Pakistan. With an expanded network of participating banks and proactive survey measures, BISP endeavors to extend financial assistance to a larger segment of eligible families. Beneficiaries are advised to adhere to withdrawal deadlines and complete necessary surveys promptly to maintain eligibility.

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Quick Table

Issue Solution Action Required
938 Error System Update in July Visit BISP office, report the problem
System Glitch BISP Office Assistance Ensure correct beneficiary information
Payment Delay Wait for update, stay connected


Q1: When will the BISP ATM services resume?
A1: BISP ATM services will resume on July 15th, 2024.

Q2: Do I need to undergo a new survey to continue receiving BISP payments?
A2: A new survey is required if you’ve been absent from BISP for 2.5 to 3 years. Otherwise, ongoing verification suffices unless permanently eligible for the next two years.

Q3: What should I do if I encounter issues with my BISP payments?
A3: Seek assistance from the nearest BISP office and ensure all beneficiary information is accurate.

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