How to Apply for the Latest Benazir NSER Survey in 2024

Benazir NSER Survey

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) continues to evolve, with the introduction of the Benazir NSER (National Socio-Economic Register) Survey aimed at providing substantial financial assistance to eligible families across Pakistan. This comprehensive guide outlines how eligible individuals can apply and benefit from the latest initiative under the Ehsaas program.

Overview of the Benazir NSER Survey

Program Details

8171 Benazir NSER Survey: This initiative offers financial aid amounting to Rs. 21,000 to families living in poverty.

Eligibility Criteria: Families meeting the poverty criteria are eligible to apply for this financial support.

How to Apply: Applicants need to complete the NSER survey and verify their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card). Online registration is available for convenience.

Purpose: The primary goal is to alleviate financial burdens and enhance the livelihoods of deserving families.

Steps to Apply for the Benazir NSER Survey

Completing the NSER Survey

Initiating the Survey: Ensure you have registered for the BISP program to participate in the NSER survey.

Verification Process: Verify your CNIC through the survey process to confirm eligibility.

Online Registration: Post-survey completion, register online using the designated website or mobile application.

Benazir NSER Survey
Benazir NSER Survey

Receiving the Rs. 21,000 Payment

Validation and Enrollment

Verification of Enrollment: If you have enrolled in both BISP and Ehsaas programs but have not received payment, verify your CNIC and enrollment details promptly.

Application Approval: Upon successful validation, your application will be processed for the Rs. 21,000 payment.

Latest Updates on Ehsaas 8171 Survey

Importance of the NSER Survey

Application Submission: When the Ehsaas program team visits your location, submit your completed 8171 Benazir NSER Survey.

Assessment Process: The survey gathers essential information to evaluate your poverty status and determine eligibility for financial assistance.


The Ehsaas program, through initiatives like the Benazir NSER Survey, aims to uplift widows, widowers, disabled individuals, and families in need, particularly those over 70 years old. Many families have already begun benefiting from this initiative, underscoring its impact on poverty alleviation and economic empowerment.


How can I sign up for the 8171 Benazir NSER Survey and receive the Rs. 21,000 payment?

Visit your local BISP registration center or apply online via the official website or app. Ensure your CNIC details are correct and follow the instructions to verify your eligibility for the Rs. 21,000 payout.

What should I do if I haven’t received my payment after joining BISP and Ehsaas programs?

Double-check your CNIC and enrollment details. For assistance, contact the BISP support team or visit your nearest BISP office to ensure all information is accurate.

Why is completing the NSER survey crucial for receiving the new Rs. 21,000 payment?

The NSER survey collects vital information to assess your eligibility and financial situation. This data is essential to determine your qualification for the Rs. 21,000 payment under the program.

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