Benazir Nashonuma Program New PaymentBenazir Nashonuma Program New Payment

Benazir Nashonuma Program New Payment and Registration for Eligible Women in June 2024

Benazir Nashonuma Program

The Benazir Nashonuma Program stands as a pivotal initiative under the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), aimed at improving maternal and child health outcomes in Pakistan. This comprehensive guide explores the new payment updates and registration procedures for eligible women in June 2024.

Overview of Benazir Nashonuma Program

Program Details

Budget Allocation: The program allocates 500 million rupees to provide 1000 rupees per month to qualified women, ensuring they can afford nutritious meals for their children.

Objective: Addressing malnutrition issues prevalent in Pakistan, particularly among children, the program supports pregnant women and young children with essential nutrition and healthcare services.

Registration Process for Benazir Nashonuma Program

How to Register

  1. Medical Checkup: Eligible women must undergo a medical checkup at designated  Benazir Income Support Program offices.
  2. Visiting BISP Offices: Visit the nearest BISP office to complete the registration process.
  3. Card Issuance: Upon successful registration, a card is issued through which payments are disbursed quarterly or monthly.

Support Offered under Benazir Nashonuma Program

Benefits for Women and Children

Financial Aid: Pregnant women receive Rs. 1000 monthly until their child reaches two years old, covering medical expenses and essential needs.

Accessibility: Offices across all regions of Pakistan facilitate easy access to program benefits, ensuring widespread coverage and support.

Benazir Nashonuma Program
Benazir Nashonuma Program

Latest Updates on Benazir Nashonuma Program

Program Reach and Impact

Beneficiary Statistics: Over 6 million people, including women and children, have benefited from the program’s financial and healthcare support.

Payment Updates: As of June 2024, eligible women receive Rs. 2000 monthly, enhancing accessibility to funds crucial for their well-being and health needs.


The Benazir Nashonuma Program continues to play a vital role in supporting pregnant women and young children across Pakistan, promoting better health outcomes and reducing malnutrition rates. With straightforward registration processes and regular payments, the program ensures that eligible participants receive necessary support without undue complications.


What benefits does the Benazir Nashonuma Program offer to pregnant mothers and their children?

The program provides Rs. 1000 per month to pregnant women until their child turns two, facilitating access to nutritious food and medical care, thereby promoting good health for both mother and child.

What is the latest update on payouts and coverage under the Benazir Nashonuma Program?

As of June 2024, the program continues to benefit over 6 million individuals, with eligible women receiving This initiative ensures easy access to financial assistance for health and well-being needs.

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