Big News: BISP Distributed Rs. 48 Billion under Benazir Kafaalat schemeBig News: BISP Distributed Rs. 48 Billion under Benazir Kafaalat scheme

Big News: BISP Distributed Rs. 48 Billion under Benazir Kafaalat scheme The Benazir Pay Backing System (BISP) proceeds with its steadfast obligation to inspire weak networks across Pakistan through its leader drive, the Benazir Kafaalat plot. In a new achievement, BISP has effectively dispensed Rs. 48 billion under the Benazir Kafaalat conspire for the quarter of January to Walk 2024, arriving at a huge number of recipients from one side of the country to the other.

BISP Milestone Achievement: Rs. 48 Billion Disbursed

In a demonstration of its commitment towards financial turn of events, BISP has dispensed a stunning Rs. 48 billion to approximately 4.5 million Pakistani beneficiaries. This dispensing, covering the period from January to Walk 2024, marks a huge achievement in the program’s set of experiences.

Big News: BISP Distributed Rs. 48 Billion under Benazir Kafaalat scheme

Enhanced Support for Benazir Kafaalat Beneficiaries

Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted financial support, BISP has increased the payment per household to Rs. 10,500, providing enhanced assistance to eligible families. Moreover, efforts are underway to ensure that beneficiaries receive their full entitlement without any deductions, with designated bank representatives facilitating the payment process.

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Big News: BISP Distributed Rs. 48 Billion under Benazir Kafaalat scheme

The disbursement process for the quarterly tranche of Benazir Kafaalat assistance has been executed seamlessly, ensuring the timely delivery of financial aid to deserving families. Payments have been distributed across all provinces, including Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan, catering to over nine million registered beneficiary families.


What number of recipients have gotten help under the Benazir Kafaalat plot?
As of Walk 21, 2024, around 4.5 million recipients have been dispensed Rs. 48 billion, comprising 49.5% of all out recipients.

How could BISP recipients report any issues with their installments?
Recipients can contact the complementary number 080026477 or visit their closest Tehsil workplaces for help. Also, WhatsApp numbers intended for every locale are accessible for questions.

What safeguards are in place to stop unauthorized payments to Benazir Kafaalat being deducted?
BISP has sent staff to screen the dispensing system and make a quick move against specialists liable for derivations. Messages in regards to installments are just sent from the number 8171, guaranteeing realness.

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In addition to the Benazir Kafaalat stipend, BISP is actively disbursing education stipends and special Ramzan grants in certain areas, further extending its support to beneficiaries. This comprehensive approach reflects BISP’s commitment to addressing the various socio-economic needs of vulnerable communities.

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With a current outreach of 9.3 million deserving families, BISP remains a beacon of hope for those facing economic hardships. The Unconditional Cash Transfers (UCT) program, popularly known as the Benazir Kafaalat Programme, stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to inclusive development.


The successful disbursement of Rs. 48 billion under the Benazir Kafaalat scheme underscores BISP’s pivotal role in alleviating poverty and empowering communities across Pakistan. As the program continues to evolve and expand its reach, it remains steadfast in its mission to create a more equitable and prosperous society for all.

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